Leticia Lanaro was born in Mexico City in 1960 to Italian parents. Her father, Luigi Lanaro, internationally renowned master luthier, arrived in Mexico City in the 1950’s and soon won the trust of the government, opening  the first school of restoration for cultural heritage and lutherie. By studying Mexican traditions, he discovered an ancient form of casting gold, which lead him to create unique 22 kt jewelry by brand: Astral de Mexico.

Leticia was 13 years old when the family returned to Italy, but the intensity of  Mexican traditions remained  indelible in her. She graduated from a high school of the arts, then attended the Faculty of Literature  and received her father’s secret in gold casting and creating unique jewelry for the oldest jeweler in Padua: Menotti Zanetti, well-known since 1923. Even today, Leticia continues to create jewelry, combining the old with  the simplicity of modern art and the knowledge of minerals and precious stones.

The perfect armony she gets in her creations is obteined by using the ancient studies known and applied in Greek art than analyzed by the mathematician Fibonacci, who gave them the name of Divine Proportion.

Unique and irreplicable jewelry. Yet, above all,  Leticia’s fame soon manifested through the skillful transformation of jewelry forgotten in the drawers of women who now wear a creation realized for them, exalting their personality as a symbolic force.




Unforgettable Fashion Show at Caffè Pedrocchi as a Great Frame




Sunday, the 6th of December, collaborating with Associazione Pa.To.s, we will be event partners of the “COLBACCO E TACCO 12” fashion party celebrating the first 10 years of Hotel Ambra Cortina. It will be a chance to know better the collections by Leticia Lanaro Gioielli that created a new targeted collection on which colours, glamour and softness are the protagonists.

On Monday the 7th December from 10.00 to 13.00 our jewels will be exposed at the Hotel Ambra.


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